Hoop Dreams Foundation, Inc.

lori1Hoop Dreams Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to encourage youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve academic excellence; instill moral, practical and emotional responsibility; seek to provide the basic essential basketball fundamentals; all while challenging the youth involved to face the future with confidence. One of Hoop Dreams, Inc.’s signature programs utilized in these endeavors is the “Charlie Parker Basketball Camp”. In addition to enriching the educational, social and recreational experiences of the youth, we also strive to empower the youth through a series of life skills seminars. This is unlike most traditional basketball camps, in that most camps do not offer the unique component of life skills seminars in their daily routine. These seminars are designed to empower youth socially by developing crucial skills such as leadership, self-discipline, respect, teamwork and positive self-esteem. Additionally, the camp exposes youths involved to powerful role models from the basketball and business communities, who encourage them through motivational speeches.